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Medallion III

I am so proud of my new baby.  This is a update of the Medallion II specifically designed for the DX series of drivers.  The driver is flush mounted without a grill cover, although you can order one if you like.  The front baffle has a three quarter inch quarter round at the front edges, preventing diffraction and giving the unit a modern appearance.  Kits and plans are available at the same cost as the Medallion II. The rear chamber has been properly sized for the DX drivers so no further tweaking is required. It is the same size as the Medallion II, but closer to 19" deep instead of  20" deep.

This is the Medallion II, shown with the cover off.  It is 45" tall, 20" deep, and 14" wide. To see it with the cover on look at the photograph on the home page.

The speakers we presently market are rear horn loaded, just like all of the old, classic Lowther designs. The Medallion cabinet has a front firing horn, and you can expect low frequency response in most room to about 60 Hz. They are made to be placed near the back wall, and a few feet from the side walls. A very successful design, with much commercial praise. Read our reviews section.

Voigt Pipes are a classic, easy to build design.  This PDF file was generously donated by Mr. KK Yeo.  Stuffing is critical for proper response.  These will reproduce very good bass for such an easy to build enclosure.

Big Fun Horns must be placed in a corner to work properly. The horn fires in the back and the bottom, using the floor and walls as an extension to the horn. This does restrict placement, but they have a design cut-off frequency of 32 Hz. This is real bass. Because they have not yet been commercially available, there are no printed reviews. But search the web and you will find how well thought of these speakers are.

The Big Fun Horn has had many different variations. Attached are some drawings (in Adobe Acrobat format) showing how they can be built using MDF. We have chosen to use Baltic Birch plywood for its superior stiffness, but you can use MDF if you double up in certain areas to reduce flex as shown.

Big Fun Horn Ver. 2 Drawing #1 (PDF 14kb)
Big Fun Horn Ver. 2 Drawing #2 (PDF 14kb)

Plans for all of these cabinets are available. The Big Fun Horn plans are available free, on the web. But we sell full size plans with proper cutting angles and inch dimensions if you want to make your job a little easier.

The Ace

This is a modified TQWT design that has recently had much exposure and attention. The drawings for the enclosure are in the plans section. Please note that this design requires a special phase plug which we cannot supply. A heat lamp bulb has been used as a phase plug for this design with some success, but I can't tell you how it has been attached. If there is sufficient interest, I can get some of these phase plugs made up.

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